2023 State Tournament


Host: University of Southern Mississippi

Location: Hattiesburg, MS

Date: March 10, 2023

Mississippi schools are allowed to register and send as many teams as they wish to a regional tournament. However, only one team per school can advance to the state tournament. This can be an exact duplicate of a regional team, or a mix/match of the best competitors from the school's regional teams.


Dr. Allison Downing, Mississippi Science Olympiad State Director



--2023 State Tournament Tentative Events List:

  • ALL events on the Events Description page WILL be conducted at the state tournament.

  • Flight (B/C)will be held on the first basketball court in the Payne Center.

    • Approximate dimensions of the court - 40' x 80' x 30' (height)

    • Because we cannot have full control over the air conditioning of the Payne Center, no arbitration will be accepted concerning the air flow.


Be sure to read over the Rules Clarifications HERE and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) HERE.

--2022 State Tournament Schedule:

          B Division   HERE

          C Division   HERE

--2022 State Tournament results:

          B Division   HERE

          C Division   HERE  

--2023 Schools of the State Tournament:


     B Division :

     C Division :